How to create SEO friendly URL and Titles

You know the most frustrating thing about SEO, it works when everything altogether works like it should. In search engine optimization, every little thing weighs, and that little differences accumulate to change the entire science behind it. If you do not focus on every little thing, you would start neglecting big thing. I am not saying URLs and Titles are not that important, according to the Neil Patel, after content, the second most important factor in ranking a keyword is Title

Create SEO friendly titles:

You know what the titles are, the headline on the search engine result pages.

For example, if you search for “Best Beauty Soaps brand”, the top results with the main heading; best beauty soaps brand is the title of that page.

You know the first thing which Google search to index a page – title tag or title of the page. And after that, analyze the entire page, to rank that webpage ranking.

Now, the question is what should be the best strategy to write that Title page?

The first thing you should know, the real people are reading your title.

They are the people to whom the search crawlers are making that results, they are going to respond to it, and they are the persons who will be compelled by.

The title tag is the page’s message to the readers and the world.

  • You should focus on the things while writing title tags of a webpage.
  • Title tag should optimize for SEO

It should have the perfect meaning or should sound meaningful to humans

It should be short if you are writing a title tag too long the search engines will cut off the title and will post an ellipse at the end, this is considered as bad practice.

Make sure the keyword placement in the title close to the beginning, if you cannot start with, this is good practice.

The title tag should relative to your content, your title tags represents the content of the web pages. And if possible, try to describe the benefits to stand out.

Try to use your brand wisely, if the brand name making the sentence length too long you can avoid it.


SEO friendly URL

When it comes to the website URL, it must be a seo friendly url. Because it is one the top factors that Google considers for ranking.

You can say these are one of the building blocks to create a great SEO hierarchy.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, in search engine optimization, if the thing does not work altogether, there is no meaning, if it works or not.

URL should be shorter, as shorter as you can- but should look natural and organize

For example, if you are writing about strategies for content marketing, and your title is, 200 strategies of content marketing- URL should be,

Do not put numbers, characters and other stuff which got no meaning for the users.

Do not put conjunctions in the URL

Avoid keyword repetition in the URLs

After 512 pixels, Google will truncate the URL results of the web pages. Try to keep the URL simple and short.

Before writing websites post, you should make changes on your WordPress websites regarding the URLs of the pages, otherwise, you have to change it, and for the old pages, you have to create the 301 redirect.

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