Feminism or Feminazi-ism?

Considering the growing male chauvinism in society I would often question myself, ‘How can a female be against feminism after all this crappy injustice?’

Spending days and nights of thinking and pondering over this, I got my answer one fine day. Feminism has lost its meaning and essence. You thought feminism meant equality of sexes? Bulls***!! Modern-day feminism is far from what I believed all my life.

Something is very wrong with feminism and it’s ruining the things for the women rights fighter.The whole thing is a mess and everyone has their own theories regarding it which hugely needs to be correct-ified.

Feminists or male-bashers?

Today people under the banner of the highly talked ‘feminism’, look like they are a bunch of men haters. History had some great feminists who had a real motive of proving and believing that they stand right next to men and do not fall at the back in any way. However, feminism has greatly evolved over the years and current feminists movements have deviated immensely from the actual beliefs of the theory of the ancient women.

Women who call themselves feminists these days are regarded by many, as a group who is unnecessarily disrespectful towards men and violate their rights under the shield of feminism.

Now, this is where they are wrong. They claim of sexism towards their gender and what they do is exactly the same. They too while on their venture commit sexism towards men.

They attack men, accuse them of things sometimes they didn’t even do in the first place. Men have started feeling oppressed in the reign of modern-day feminists.

Becoming a Feminist is a trend these days

Back in time, there were women who actually stood for their rights and rightfully took no s*** that came between them and their dreams and their rights more importantly.

Today the story is completely different. Half of the girls who call themselves feminists do it to sound cool and modern. Yes. You read it right! People are actually doing it to look cool and sound like a ‘voice’ even if they don’t really voice their opinions. They would do this as it has world widely become the ‘It’ thing and everyone’s doing it.

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Every antic is glorified by the term ‘Feminism’

The main issue and the worst thing about modern-day feminists are that they have got an arm with which they attack people and use it to glorify everything.

Women these days label all their acts correct and paint the picture nice with the colors of feminazi-ism.

People have disguised themselves as the true torch bearer of feminism but actually, they are the killer of this theory. There have been many recent recurring events that are pretty much suggestive of the fact that the feminists these days just glorify their actions no matter how bizarre it may sound.


Not only this, some modern feminists criticize women who choose to stay at home and take care of their children and family instead of working. At the same time, they say it is okay for men to be stay-at-home dads. It’s like they are rejecting feminity and then try to feminize men.

Though, we don’t think all feminists are wrong. We totally dig the idea of gender equality and encourage the people who actually care about the rights of women and speak against any injustice towards them. Genuine feminists do exist and we totally appreciate that.


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