How to get free PSN codes(and how not)

Almost every person that owns a PlayStation has searched at least once for “free PSN codes” or gift cards, just to see what results will come up. What did you get? A wall of results and every one of them is a spam or scam site that uses the free code generator trick.

What are real and reliable ways to get “free” PSN codes?

We have researched 3 ways for you that could give you the chance to get a more or less free PlayStation code.

Sony Rewards – get a PSN code by buying PSN games.

Source: Sony

One way to get a free PSN code comes directly from Sony, the owners of the PlayStation Network. It is called “Sony Rewards” and you should definitely use it!

The very basic concept of the system:

You will earn 1 point for every 1$ you spent on the PlayStation Store.

You can actually earn points also by achieving trophies and the system has a multiplier. You can get a max. of 4 times the points for buying one product. Check out the official page here for more details and how to participate in the Sony Rewards.


Giveaway and Sweepstake sites

This is the free option number two. Participating in a Giveaway or in a Sweepstake is always a 100% free. Otherwise, it would not be a Giveaway. In case the company that organizes the Giveaway or Sweepstake uses these terms but you can only enter if you pay or buy a product – you could sue them.

Some Sweepstakes are better than others. You can, for example, try to win free PSN codes and at the same time learn about the newest online scams.

How to find the best and fresh Giveaways?

You are not the only one that searches for Giveaways/ Sweepstakes. You will find websites that collect the offers from all over the web and sorts them into categories. You just have to navigate to the tech, or gift card section and then search for current PSN code giveaways.

You can also try to search by yourself. Enter for example “PSN code giveaway” and make sure you have changed in the “Tools” the results to “Past Week” or maybe even “Past Month”.

Look out especially for giveaways on:

-Tech blogs

-Gaming Youtubers

-Reddit /r/giveaways

-Reddit /r/psncodes

Point Sites

Point sites are the real generator sites. The concept is for both the same – you are doing surveys and you will get a code in return. The obvious difference – free code generator sites link to fake surveys that can even be harmful to your wallet or pc and even if the surveys would be legit, the admins of the generator sites will never give you something in return.

Point sites, however, live or die because of their reputation. A Point site that gets bad reviews and seems not trustworthy will inevitably go down and lose its users and advertisers.

So what do good Point Sites do? They try to be as transparent as possible. You will see lots of third party reviews and a good social media profile for the site.

At the moment the most popular and legit Point sites are Points prizes and Prize Rebel. This could change over time so you should definitely search for reviews and comments on the Point sites.


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