How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com (Latest Trick)

How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com

Searching for How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com? If yes then this Post is for you. Today in this Post I have provided an Easy Guide on How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com. So If you want to Download Songs from KannadaAudio, Just follow the Simple Steps Given Below. 😉

So, There are tons of Website over the Internet which allows you to Download Songs online, But About the Website, we are Talking about is one of the Best especially for Kannada Songs. The Website is KannadaAudio.com.

So If you want to Download Kannada Songs, then this Website has the variety of Options Available for you here. But there is a Little issue with It’s Downloading.

It’s not an Easy task, like Downloading from Other websites. From Other Websites, we Just Directly get the Download Option and Select the File that we have to download in the particular format that we want.

How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com

But in KannadaAudio.com, you’ll get a “.ram” Extension file, And For playing this file you need to use the Internet Data. But Below I have Added some Steps, So you can Easily Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com. So Just Follow the Steps Below-

How to Download Songs from KannadaAudio.com

So, First of All, you have to Visit KannadaAudio.com and Select the Category’s song you have to download. and Download the Song, That you have to Download. As the Song will be Downloaded in “.ram” Format, So Below are the Steps on How to Change or Download that Particular song 😉

  1. First of All, Go to the Destination of File that you have been downloaded earlier.
  2. Now you have to Select the File and then Right Click on it.
  3. After that Select the Open with Option and Open it with Notepad.
  4. Now you’ll see a Link on Notepad, Just Copy the Link and Paste it in Any of the Browser.
  5. After that you’ll redirect to the File’s destination page, It will open as a VLC file.
  6. Now you have to Right click on this Page and Simply you have to save the file.

That’s it Guys, After that the post will start downloading. Once the Download complete you can play this with Any of the Player you want. 🙂

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If you have any issue Regarding this Post, Just Shout in Comment Section. 🙂 I will be Happy to Help you there. 🙂

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