Living Authentically in a Meme World

Richard Dawkins, a famed evolutionary biologist coined the meme word in 1976. The word derives its origins from the Greek word “mimema” which means something imitated. As he posited, Dawkins termed memes as a form of cultural propagation, to facilitate the sharing of social memories and cultural ideas between people.


All around the world, memes are all the rage, thanks greatly to the power of the internet. One of the often-discussed topics at present has a thing or two to do with being “authentic”, in a number of variations and uses. Most people label themselves as being “authentic” and proceed to label most of their actions and daily transactions in terms of authenticity. Meme Face Comics is renown as an excellent repository that users can make a couple of memes on the go.


Cultural norms are nowadays heavily influenced by hype, and individuals out on the lookout for instant expertise and gratification. Every now and then, we keep getting bombarded with calculated advertising ploys on trivial topics like how to shed 15 pounds in 15 days, how to become an expert in a particular field in 5 days and a ton of other unfathomable claims. This has heavily influenced what people define as blissful. In truth, most of what is propagated is nothing more than a façade. Most of the conversations are driven by tabloids in order to capture human attention using hyperbole.


The current obsession with being considered unique and authentic can actually do more harm than good. Authenticity can best be described as a measure of value. Those true to their own values are bound to fundamentally change their lives for the better. In essence, authenticity is only important to the self, other’s perception of what one represents doesn’t count.


At a young age, parents are normally role models. Along the way, heroes, role models, and specific individuals become central to what most aspire to be. Learning the distinction between the good and the bad is a natural sorting process that objectively helps individuals get an understanding of human nature. While some leaders may excel in leadership positions, others are simply terrible at it. Age becomes a great contributing factor in helping individuals decide what’s right and what’s wrong.


The key to being authentic lies in the knowing one’s values and practicing living by the set rules. To determine what one’s dear as values, simply jotting them down is a great way to configure a framework. Practicing living by a code of conduct is nigh impossible to achieve because mistakes tend to happen every now and then.


When one lives an authentic lifestyle, playing by their own rules and getting by whilst making better versions of themselves, happiness gets radiated to all and sundry. A little introspection to monitor how individuals respond to situations is a common trigger. By learning a couple of the fundamentals of stoicism, not the academic mumbo jumbo but what the principle represents is a fantastic way to practice introspection. Authenticity is, after all, a measure of just how far individuals are willing to go. Values can have a great bearing on the route one decides to take.

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