How to Receive Online Payments in Pakistan

How to Receive Online Payments in Pakistan

Welcome to the online community. Being a newbie and Pakistani, you must be facing the payments issues.

What I love about my work is receiving payments from the clients. But what If you don’t have a smooth way to receive payments. Will you start hating your work? No, you will start finding the ways that will help you receive payments online. I did the same when I started work back in 2012, the main issue I facing was the payments. I started my research and ended up with finding some best payments methods in Pakistan.

Online Payment Methods in Pakistan

According to the Payoneer(An online payment system), Pakistan is one of the most IT rich countries with thousands of freelancer and online business owners.

Pakistan has a huge potential in IT field and we can turn over all the international IT market. But the growth here in Pakistan is very slow just because of lack of the resources. Either you are a blogger, freelancer or pick any other way to make money online, you will need best online Payment solutions in Pakistan to receive your revenues.

Today, I will be sharing some of the best services to receive online payments in Pakistan without having any issue.

1)     PayPal:

You must be heard this name before. PayPal is the world’s most secure, widely used, and elegant online banking system that allows you send and receive payments online.

I love PayPal! Why? just because It is integrated with almost every merchant in the world. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t operate in Pakistan. You can still use it in Pakistan but you will need someone aboard who can create PayPal account for you or give you all the required information. Once you get a PayPal account, you can use it to send and receive payments worldwide within moments.

2)     Skrill:

I often use skrill for receiving payments form few of my clients living in the United States. Skrill is also one of the trusted online payments solutions in Pakistan formally known as MoneyBooker.

It allows the users to send, receive payments online in over 200 countries and then withdraw funds to the local bank account.

To get started with Skrill in Pakistan, all you need to have is a bank account with debit card, Your National ID card, and accurate postal address.

Most of the Pakistanis living aboard use this Skrill to send money to their loved ones.

3)     Payoneer:

I can’t go further without listing Payoneer in my list. One of the best alternatives to PayPal, Payoneer in Pakistan is now one the most used payment solutions by freelancers.

They facilitate their users in multiples ways to withdraw money in Pakistan. Payoneer will send you a plastic MasterCard that you can use almost in every local ATM to withdraw money. The second option is the bank transfer. Since the fee on ATM withdraw is bit high, so you can use bank transfer option to withdraw funds to your local bank account directly. Payoneer is also partnered with most of the freelancing sites like Fiverr.

4)     Payza:

Formally known as AlertPay, Payza is yet another reliable way to receive payments online in Pakistan. They are quite similar to Payoneer that offers its users a plastic credit card to withdraw cash using ATM machines worldwide.

The is a bit hard to sign up with Payza as compared to Payoneer. You will need to have a bank account, postal address, any utility bill containing the same postal address on that. Once you got all of this stuff, you are all ready to boom with Payza.

You can send, receive, and make purchases through your Payza account. Recently, Payza has added the option of withdrawing through bitcoin which is amazing.

5)     WebMoney:

I never got a chance to use WebMoney but few of my friends recommended it as they have pretty good experience with it. If you are HBL, ABL, or Standard Chartered Bank account holder then you can sign up for WebMoney and send/receive payments worldwide.

It is not integrated with too many merchant systems but still, you can send and transfer money to many countries including USA, UK, and Canada.

That’s it, You can join any of the above-mentioned company free of cost. They do charge 1 to 3% of your every single transaction but there is no joining fee. Let us know if you have any question in mind.

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