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Top 3 Gadgets of 2017

Google Home Mini

Every day, large technology companies seek ways to improve their products, either in design or functionality, creating completely new gadgets that we did not even imagine could ever exist. If it is gadgets, companies such as Apple, Microsoft or Samsung, knew how to retain their market, making this year was full of major changes.

Best Gadgets

2017 was full of various devices that literally invaded homes. It was also the year when designer’s Smartphone discovered how to make more and more functional device that still fits in our hands. Here, an analysis of the ranking of the best gadgets developed by AmaTop10


Because of its evolution and because it is to mark the future of Apple, it is not only the best mobile phone that the American company has manufactured to date, but it is, with the permission of the Galaxy S8, one of the best mobile devices of the season.

Although with a questionable price (more than 1,300 Euros), this iPhone that comes to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the product. And, for this, important changes have been introduced, not only at an aesthetic level, one of the aspects that most attracts attention.

The terminal, made of steel and glass, has boarded the train of immense screens that try to cover a part almost completely. Opened by Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi, this year has left a clear trend, the reduction to the minimum expression of the edges of the terminals. A mobility concept that combines modernity and comfort (a larger screen can be offered but in a more compact space).


If facial and iris recognition systems have not achieved the expected effectiveness in the past, the North American firm has introduced Face ID technology, which allows unlocking the mobile with the face. Apple has done a good job, and with sense, although there is still the question of whether it will continue from now on as a security mechanism or if next year a fingerprint reader will be added within the screen itself, a technology still in embryonic phase.

The camera has continued that effort to bet on dual cameras – both optimally stabilized – and the already established portrait mode, although the year has also left as an alternative to following that effort of Google in the Pixel 2 XL, terminally considered by many analysts as the best mobile camera of the year. In any case, the decisions of the North American company have allowed having a mobile of high performance and good performance, and that has also forced users to learn new interactions and gestures to control it since it has eliminated the characteristic physical button Home. A button that has accompanied the iPhone since its inception in 2007.

Oculus Go

The dream of the nineties of virtual reality went out. Last year started the second life of these devices that promise to “cheat” the brain to get into parallel worlds. Although at the level of sales has had a warm reception, the immersive helmets begin to be seen in society as an element to enjoy other perspectives in the consumption of audiovisual content and not just video games.

Oculus Go

If Sony, with its PlayStation VR, has been placed as the king of the game thanks to the push and popularization of its console PlayStation 4, Oculus has wanted to bring virtual reality to another space. Facebook, its parent company, is clear that to achieve massive sales of this type of products is required to respond to several problems.  It was sold for about $ 199. On the one hand, improve the experiences, reduce the latency, expand the catalogs, but on the other, abandon the cumbersome cables that can hinder its use.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini was the launched the year 2017 by the technological giant, which costs just 49 dollars. Undoubtedly a bet that these intelligent speakers become popular.

These devices were the most anticipated and those that took the palms 2017. So, what do you have in your hands till now?

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